How Often to Use Percussion Massager?

How Often to Use Percussion Massager?

The percussion massager is fast becoming one of the most effective techniques for reducing muscle soreness. For those who work out or who use the device for other purposes, the question many ask is how often to use percussion massager? The answer depends on several factors which are individual to your needs.

The percussion massager uses a time-tested technique of applying force to the muscles in rapid succession. The result when used properly is a lessening of muscle soreness, increased circulation, and improved mobility. The advantages will depend on the device that is used, how often it is applied, and the settings which apply the force.

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How Often Can You Use A Percussion Massager?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to the question of how often the device is to be used. It will depend on several factors.

  • The type of condition that is being treated
  • The force applied with the percussion device
  • The duration of the percussion therapy

Although percussion therapy has few, if any side effects in most settings, it is possible to overuse the device and not receive the benefits that you desire. This is because the device itself is designed to rid the muscles of the lactic acids which cause soreness in the muscles.

Using the device too often means that you might generate even more lactic acid which only increases the symptoms. And not using the device enough means that you will not receive the full benefits of what it can offer.

You should use the device with modest force after each heavy workout. This means after taxing the muscles with resistance or weightlifting exercises that are designed to strengthen the muscle tissue. For those who are just starting out, it is best to follow the instructions that come with the device itself. Recommended settings and usage will provide a baseline for you to use the percussive device.

It is also best to err on the side of caution until you become familiar with the effects of percussive massage devices. This means using the minimum recommended setting and not exceeding the time that has been suggested. Otherwise, you may risk doing more harm than good if you apply the device at too high a setting for too long a period.

Understanding how often to use percussion massager starts with the benefits the device provides and possible disadvantages in its use. It is possible to overuse the device which may cause harm to both the massager and to you.


The best guide to applying the percussive massage device is directly on the areas of the muscles that are sore. You can use experience as a guide when applying the device to muscles that have yet to become sore with use. The sooner you can stop the buildup of lactic acid, the less soreness you will feel after working out.

Start with the recommended settings and apply the device directly to the muscle area. You’ll want to slowly go over the muscles in a pattern that allows for the breakup of the lactic acid to occur. You can use a circular motion to cover the entire muscle group whether in your legs, arms, back, or chest. Apply the device for the recommended amount of time and then judge the results.

If you find the muscles are still sore, try applying the device earlier for longer periods instead of raising the setting. If that does not work, then raise the settings to apply more force. Again, it is better to err on the side of caution to obtain maximum results.

The device can be used by runners or joggers as well for leg muscles that tire after a long run. Just remember that percussion massage does not generally work on tendons, cartilage, or non-muscle tissues. So, if your feet are sore, soaking them in warm water is generally better.

Using the Right Percussion Massager Device

It helps if you use a percussion massager that is designed for high-quality, long-term use. The Powerful Massage Shogun Massage Gun V.1 offers professional quality and results when used as directed. The device itself is ergonomically designed, so you can apply it directly to the muscle tissues and get results fast.

The benefits of using the Shogun Massage Gun V.1 start with a strong motor that includes a multi-ventilation slot to keep the device cool when in use. This means you can use the massage gun for longer periods to really get at the thick muscle tissue. The 3200 high-powered percussions per minute reduce the soreness quickly and across the muscle groups.

Being lightweight at just 2.2 pounds also makes the device easy to use. This means that you are not straining one set of muscles to reach another set. The lithium-ion battery will last for four hours of use after just two hours of charging.

However, arguably the best advantage in terms of applying the percussive force needed for pain relief is the six interchangeable heads. This means that you can choose the one that works best for a particular set of muscles. After experimenting with the different heads, you can quickly make the changes to address different muscle groups.

Note: Still having issues finding out how often to use percussion massager, contact us!

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How often you should use the MassageShogun will depend in large part on your physical condition, how often you work out, and which muscle groups will get the most attention. This means experimenting with different settings and time frames to find the one that works best for your needs. But the device itself is well-suited for all the major muscle groups.

For those who know how often to use percussion massager, it can be a real blessing in relieving sore muscles and providing other types of treatment. The key is to stick to a regular schedule, do not use it for too long in any single session, and apply it only to the areas that need to be treated. Over time, you will find that the MassageShogun provides exceptional results when used with the appropriate guidance for relieving the pain of sore muscles. If you’re still having a hard time finding the answers you’re looking for or how often to use percussion massager, contact us.

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