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How Do Massage Guns Work? [+6 Shocking Benefits You Didn’t Know]

When it comes to your own health, every individual needs to seek out the proper tools and advice required to live the healthiest possible life for yourself. Not doing so can cause a great deal of misery related to your physical and mental health. With the subject of health in mind, massage guns are relatively new devices that act in such a way to benefit individuals in a variety of ways. They’re an immaculate piece of technology that continues to rise in popularity due to their complexity and various benefits provided to users for utilizing them. For those of you wondering: “How do massage guns work?”, well, look no further.

In this article, we’re going to highlight all of the information related to massage guns and how they actually work. Knowing how they properly work will give you a broader understanding of the benefits directly tied to these pieces of technology.

Afterward, we’ll discuss a variety of other information related to massage guns as a way to fully encompass your understanding of the subject. We’ll go over when they were invented, their popularity, the different kinds of massage guns, how much they cost, what they do, and much more. Be sure to utilize this information to help you understand how they actually work, and what you can do to properly use one. Let’s get started!

Disclaimer: The tips and recommendations on Massage Shogun are intended to be used as guidelines. Do not replace our advice with a registered health professional or therapist’s advice. It’s best to consult with a healthcare professional if you have a special condition.

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How Do Massage Guns Work?

Although it might seem complicated how a massage gun actually operates, it’s not. A massage gun works by utilizing percussion therapy. Percussion therapy, also known as vibration therapy, is a form of massage therapy involving a massage gun to give a deep pressure sense of massage.

The gun itself operates with a rapid burst of pressure directly into the area of the body it specifies. It acts by being turned on, and its soft, yet hard head moves around similar to a drill, except it obviously doesn’t harm anyone.

Usually, people will look for a specific area of muscle tissue that’s in pain and use it to quickly rid any sort of pain. However, the massage gun isn’t just meant for getting rid of the pain. It’s principally a better massage since it can work harder than a human can. It has a more profound sense of pressure that can be used throughout the entire body.

Plus, massage guns can target specific areas of the body since they can get deep into a particular spot. With this in mind, it’s a very versatile piece of equipment that has countless more benefits than a traditional massage.

The therapy itself acts by increasing blood flow to a designated area, which helps rid the body of inflammation, muscle aches and relieves any sort of knot in the body. On top of their ability to help the body rid pain, they’re commonly used before brutal workouts as a way to prevent any future injuries.

When Were Massage Guns Invented?

As far as percussion therapy and massage guns go, it hasn’t been around for too long. Although the act of percussion has been used since the 1700s, massage guns are a relatively new device. When you think of the modern age of technology, it makes sense that the deep enhancements tied to massage guns haven’t been around forever.

Considering it’s a somewhat new field available for the public, the inventions regarding massage guns are only the beginning. As good as studies show massage guns to be, they have an endless amount of potential left.

Think of massage guns like phones. When the first cell phone came out, it was obviously a technological innovation that captivated the world. Now, take that cellphone and compare it to a standard smartphone today. Yes, massage guns have an endless amount of benefits for humans to use, but they’ll only get better, which is excellent to think about.

How Popular Are Massage Guns Today?

Considering massage guns are a relatively new field in the world of health, it’s quite remarkable how popular they’ve become. There are countless specialists and products available for the public to get the most out of their health with massage guns and percussion therapy.

The field continues to grow as more information comes to light. Whenever something enters the mainstream, it takes time for studies to show

the benefits tied to a particular subject. As expected, the studies show a clear indication related to massage guns and health benefits.

With or without the studies, there’s a massive group of people who use percussion therapy and massage guns. They’ll tell you their honest opinion on the subject, and you’ll find a wide range of benefits acknowledged by them.

Are There Different Kinds of Massage Guns?

Yes, just like anything else, there are a variety of companies that offer massage guns. They tend to have a wide range of functions and designated price tags attached to them. Although you can find a variety of massage guns under $100, these usually don’t operate the best.

If you can find one over $150, you’re getting your money’s worth. It’s crucial to never cheap out on a product like this since you’ll most likely only be wasting your time and money. Plus, you want to get the benefits tied to the product, don’t you?

As for specific kinds of massage guns, they all serve the same purpose but vary in a few different ways. For their differences, look for charging times, head attachments, noise, and battery life. Other than the product’s functionality, look for shipping time, warranty guarantees, and return policies. These factors will help you find the right massage gun for you.

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How Much Do Massage Guns Cost?

If you’re wondering more about: “How much do massage guns cost?”, don’t worry, we’ll take a closer look. As noted, massage guns come in a wide range of prices. Earlier, we mentioned how you can find one under $100. This is certainly possible, but this is the low end of the spectrum related to massage guns.

Generally speaking, it’s always in your best interest to get the best product available for something like this. It’ll play a massive benefit toward your overall health, which is what a product like this is all about.

Outside of the cheap end, you can find massage guns well over $600. Although this is most likely out of your price range, there’s a reason people spend that much on something like this. Health is essential, and there really isn’t a price tag related to health. However, if you’re looking for a pure bang for your buck, a massage gun between $100 and $200 should work great for you.

What Do Massage Guns Do?

Although we went over the actual operation functioning of a massage gun, you might want to know what they actually do. In case it’s not clear, a massage gun acts as a more intense form of massage.

The gun is pressed against a particular spot of muscle as a way to promote blood circulation, relieve muscle pain, and much. Think of all of the benefits tied to massages and maximize them. These maximized benefits from a massage gun are great for individuals to experience.

Hopefully, that answered your question: “What does a massage gun do?”. Just think of them as a better form of massage that you can use in the comfort of your home if need be. Unlike a regular massage where you’ll need to see an expert.

What Are the Benefits of Massage Guns?

When it comes to specific massage guns, you’re probably wondering: “how do massage guns help?”, well, they help in countless ways. Outside of just having a gentle feeling massage, more and more evidence has come out to support the science tied to the benefits of massage guns.

Now that you have an understanding of what a massage gun is, let’s discuss the benefits tied to one. Keep in mind, this isn’t a 100% guarantee that all of these benefits will work all the time, but you’ll definitely see some sort of interest from one. Nonetheless, let’s take a look!

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Gets Rid of Pain

As you can probably guess, the most significant and most common benefit tied to massage guns have to do with their ability to get rid of any sort of pain. Since a massage gun can potentially operate anywhere on the body, it’s an endless list when it comes to alleviating the collection of any sort of discomfort.

As we’re all aware, sometimes we’re overworked, feel achy, or are sore from an intense workout or hike. When the time comes to heal your body, a massage gun can move deep into your muscles to help eliminate anything you don’t want to feel pain-wise.

Lowers the Risk of Injury

Outside of its ability to eliminate pain after it already occurred, people use massage guns as a way to prevent future injuries. Basically, if you’re planning on an intense workout or crazy hike, it’s in your best interest to relax your body, so that’s prepped for what it’s about to handle.

Even if you’re not planning on putting a lot of strain on your body, it’s always a good idea to loosen your body up and prepare it for whenever something does pop-up. Taking care of your body’s maintenance is an excellent habit to have, and a massage gun can do that for you.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

When it comes to stress and anxiety, a lot of us, unfortunately, have to deal with it. Coping with stress or anxiety is never a fun experience to have. Plus, it can cause worse issues on your overall health. It’s always a finicky day or time period when you feel stressed or anxious.

As you’re probably aware, any sort of massage therapy promotes a sense of relaxation that helps the body deal with issues like stress and anxiety. Since a massage gun operates as a way to be a deep massage technique, it furthers the notion of entering a relaxed state of mind. Thus, it helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Helps with Depression

Other than stress and anxiety, a relaxed state of mind from a massage gun can help individuals deal with depression. A lot of the time, a depressed mind can cause an individual to feel overwhelmed and alone. They feel frantic without a pure sense of reality, or what to properly do.

Luckily, utilizing a massage gun can help an individual get to a sense of calm. Being calm will help them garner their surroundings and possibly take steps forward with their depression. Depression is something that should be taken very seriously and never ignored.

Promotes Circulation

Part of the reason a massage gun helps reduce pain and inflammation has to do with its ability to promote circulation. Promoting circulation is an all-around benefit that any person will find useful, whether they know it or not.

Breaking up knots and tight muscles allows blood to flow better to certain parts of the body that need it. It’s a crucial part of the human body that can lead a healthier and happier life if done correctly.

Product to Consider

Now that we’ve covered everything related to massage guns, let’s discuss exactly how you can get your hands on one. For starters, there are countless experts in the field pertaining to massage guns that’ll offer the service directly to you. Although this might provide all of the benefits necessary, it can be a bit pricey and is based on schedule only.

The other option is to buy a specific product that’ll help you achieve the same result. Having a massage gun right on hand will allow you to use it whenever you want. Whereas if you had to make an appointment, it’s only when the specialist is available.

Either way, you’ll achieve the same satisfaction from a massage gun, but it’s always a good idea to own one. Be sure to check out this product, since it’s one of the most cost-effective and best options available on the market.

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We hope you enjoyed our article on the question: “How do massage guns work?”. Hopefully, you were able to fully understand how they work, and all of the other information related to the subject. Before we conclude, let’s quickly go over everything we discussed.

First, we went over how massage guns work, when they were invented, and their popularity. From there, we went over the different kinds of massage guns and their wide range of prices. Finishing off the article, we discussed what they exactly do, and the various benefits tied to one.

Be sure to check out a massage gun, and see how you like it. You’ll more than likely find it to be a great addition to your life because of the vast amount of benefits tied to one.

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