Best Percussion Massage Gun Under 200 Dollars

Best Percussion Massage Gun Under 200 Dollars

Living in constant pain is never an ideal situation, especially since it can play such a negative role in the outcome of someone’s life. Describing constant pain may seem a bit broad, but this can be applicable to anything mental or physical that isn’t totally ideal. Feeling your absolute best should be necessary for everyone on this planet, highlighting how not being 100 percent can significantly hinder your life. Thus, why do so many people turn to various modern solutions to help their physical and mental issues?

Of these modern solutions, a massage gun is amongst the best to consider since it’s a fast and effective way to rid the body of pain while promoting a state of relaxation. More and more people are turning to the modern methods of a massage gun, with many wondering what the best percussion massage gun under 200 dollars is.

Since there’s plenty of percussion massage guns under 200 dollars, it makes for an interesting conversation to see what the best option is. Considering people can feel overwhelmed without detailed guidance in this area, it’s best to highlight a few of the best choices, allowing you to see what’ll work best for you.

Nevertheless, down below will highlight three of the best percussion massager gun under 200 dollars. We’ll go over a quick review of each while listing pros, cons, and a simple verdict after the fact. From there, we’ll take a look at plenty of other information tied to the subject for you to take a deep dive into. Without delaying it any further, let’s get started!

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Best Percussion Massager Gun Under 200 Dollars

Before we begin our reviews, let’s go over why we picked these three options. All of these are amongst the highest-reviewed percussion massage guns available for purchase. Besides the reviews themselves, they each offer a simple yet complex nature in how they perform for massage purposes.

Factors such as speed, durability, price, and functionality will all be kept in mind. Considering every percussion massage gun has many features and areas to highlight, it makes sense why all of these areas should be closely examined.

Still, there can certainly be a negative found in just about every product in the world. Don’t take these potential cons as a persuasion for you to not purchase the massage gun. Nevertheless, take a close look at each one to see which option is best for you.

1. Massage Shogun “ShogunPro”

Best Percussion Massage Gun Under 200
Check out the ShogunPro Massage Gun

The massage shogun is amongst the best options on this list for its expertly designed capabilities, allowing it to precisely precision everything you’ll need massage-wise. It’s built-in such a way that allows it to be a portable massagist wherever you go.

Color-wise, it can come as either gray, black, or carbon fiber, allowing you to pick a color that’s best suited for your preference. The company behind massage shogun also offers free shipping, meaning there aren’t any additional costs. Besides the massage gun, it comes with six interchangeable head attachments, a user manual, a charger, and a storage bag.

Its functionality works beautifully with a rated input of 100~240V 50/60Hz 1A, a Li-ion battery with a capacity of 2400mAh. Speed-wise, it can go up to 3200r/min with three different adjustment levels. Plus, it can work about two to six hours on a charge, depending on the frequency you use it at.


  • Three different speed options to choose from.
  • Three color options to select from.
  • Comes with a power charger for easy charging.
  • It’s tranquil compared to other massage guns.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Initial new/odd smell that takes a bit to fade.


The massage shogun is one of the most affordable yet top-quality percussion massage guns available for purchase. Although its initial smell takes a bit to fade, this is the only real negative associated with this incredible product.

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2. Mebak Massage Gun

Check out the Mebak

The Mebak Massage Gun is an excellent choice to consider for a simple option to achieve everything associated with a massage gun. Its primary focus is to relieve muscle soreness with seven interchangeable heads, allowing you to find the perfect solution for yourself.

Surprisingly so, it’s an incredibly quiet massage gun compared to most other products in this realm. One of this massage gun’s best features is its five-speed settings that range from 640 to 3,200 rpm, allowing to work with different muscle groups, providing a great deep tissue massage.

The massage gun has a 2600mAh lithium battery that lasts roughly two to three hours, depending on how strong a setting you use it with. Weight-wise, it’s very light and allows it to be carried with you very quickly.


  • Comes with seven different interchangeable heads.
  • Comes with a charger, no batteries are required.
  • The travel case is compact, making it easy to move.
  • Very durable and should last you a great deal of time.


  • Battery life slightly shortens as time goes on.


The back massage gun is an excellent choice to consider if you’re looking for a versatile option to consider in the massage gun world. Although it’s battery tends to lose a bit of life as time goes on, it works beautifully in every other way.

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3. Mebak Massage Gun with Slender Handle

The mebak massage gun with a slender handle is amongst the best options to consider if compactness and lightness are on the top of your priority. This incredible massage gun is perfect for releasing muscle tension and soreness through its range of 2800 to 3200 percussions per minute.

The massage gun has five different speeds for users to choose from and three auto modes that work great for people to check out. Weight-wise, it’s one of the lightest options to consider that comes with an excellent slender handle.

It utilizes a 2400mAh lithium battery that lasts roughly two to three hours for its entire charge. Plus, it comes with a nice portable carrying case that’ll work beautifully for transporting your massage gun to wherever it is you want to bring it.


  • Five different speeds for people to use.
  • An auto mode that works beautifully.
  • A tremendous portable case that fits with the massage gun very well.
  • Very long and excellent slender handle that makes gripping it easily.


  • No button to stop it immediately, and can only be turned off by going through all of its modes.


Although there isn’t a clear-off button, this massage gun works great by being extremely compact and slim, allowing you for easy transportation of it.

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Best Features of a Massage Gun

Now that we’ve taken a deep understanding of the best percussion massage gun for under 200 dollars, we’re going to highlight some of the best features tied to the matter. Keep in mind, a number of these features were kept in mind throughout these reviews.

Like any other subject, all of these factors vary from product to product, which is why they should be highlighted closely to see what’s worth taking note of. Plus, some of the specifics of these areas might interest you more than anything else.

Still, if you can manage to know why these are some key features associated with a massage gun, you’ll be able to take a closer examination at which option in the massage gun world is best suited for you.


Without any pre-determined information recognized to a massage gun, you should have a basic understanding of speed tied to a massage gun. In simplicity, speed is how fast a massage gun can go for you to use it.

On the other end, speed typically has a few options to select from on massage guns, meaning you can adjust its speed. Since a message gun’s speed can be very subjective to a person, it makes for an exciting matter for people to look at.


Right next to speed, you have the complexity associated with durability. Durability is how long a massage gun will theoretically last. As we all know, products tend to be easily destroyed as time goes on, meaning you should seek out a product that’ll last you a great deal of time.

Still, with massage guns, they tend to all be different durability-wise. As a result, make sure you take a closer look at what has the best reviews for their durability. Once you’re able to determine which is best, this should help you decide.

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The battery of a massage gun is vital for the reason that it’s what holds the charge of a one. Since massage guns are typically used often, it’s always a good idea to purchase one with a long charge since you can’t charge it without a portable charger.

On the other end, some percussion massage guns only run on batteries, which is typically never ideal since there are so many charging options nowadays. Either way, remember to look at the battery life and charging requirements.


Like numerous other areas in the electronic world, size plays a factor in how durable, compact, and practical it is. Depending on your size, you may require a smaller or larger massage gun than what someone else might need.

Plus, compactness is vital for any area, whether you’re looking at the best percussion massager under $200 or a random another field. Nevertheless, be sure to take a close look at the size and see if it applies to you.


Lastly, the feeling of a massage gun plays a vital role since this is what actually determines how effective the massage gun is for you to use. Besides the speed, some massage guns come with varying interchangeable heads for you to select from.

No matter what route you end up going with, it should play a significant role in how much enjoyment and relief you can achieve from the massage gun. Obviously, make sure you don’t overdo it with the massage gun, but do it enough so it can be useful for you.

How often should you use a massage gun?

Determining how often you should use a massage gun depends on your physical and mental needs. For example, if you’re an athlete, you may want to consider utilizing the massage gun almost every day. As opposed to someone who isn’t an athlete, who may only use it as needed.

Still, many turn to the massage gun as a daily requirement a part of their regiment since it can do wonders for people’s long-term use. As for the sessions themselves, people tend to only use it for 15 or so minutes total, with two minutes for each muscle group.

No matter what your preference for the situation might be, you need to make sure you do whatever it is you’re comfortable with. If your body can only take a solid ten minutes from a massage gun, don’t bother trying to force yourself into doing more.

Still, always be mindful of how you can continually improve yourself, whether it’s with a daily or weekly taking of a massage gun. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional or a more experienced friend to guide you on the matter.

When do you know if you’re using a massage gun too much or too little?

Generally speaking, you should have a good understanding if you’re not using the massage gun enough by your overall muscle soreness. Still, it’s possible if you use it too much, you might be furthering your soreness.

It’s difficult to tell, but a good rule of thumb is to never use your massage gun exceptionally frequently. Of course, there are exceptions in the matter, but realize you shouldn’t go any longer than two minutes on a specific grouping of muscles per day. Doing it longer than two minutes can cause you several issues.

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Hopefully, you were able to find which of the best percussion massage gun under 200 dollars is best suited for you. Remember to analyze each option again to narrow your choices down and see which is the best. Also, don’t be afraid to look over the various other information presented in this article for you to look at.

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